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Safety Procedures

Safety Regulations for Gas Appliances

Well-maintained natural gas appliances are less likely to break down and less likely to create dangerous carbon monoxide levels inside your home. Have them inspected annually by a registered Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor to maintain peak efficiency and ensure they are operating safely. It is the smart thing to do and it is your responsibility.

Whenever natural gas supply is turned on at the meter, Birch Hills Gas Co-op or a qualified gas technician must inspect the natural gas equipment to ensure it is installed as per the Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, the manufacturer’s certified instructions, and that the equipment is operating safely.

If an infraction (non-compliance or unsafe operation) is discovered, a certified gas technician is required by law to issue a warning tag.

Birch Hills Gas Safety

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Buying natural gas appliances?

If you’re buying new or used natural gas appliances, keep in mind they must meet the certification standards of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Look for the CSA logo on an appliance's rating plate or in its instruction manual. Exceptions can be made for equipment that is custom made, built on site or produced in limited numbers. In these cases a TSSA Field Approval is required.

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Also, remember that repairing or replacing natural gas appliances requires special training. You shouldn't attempt it on your own. Hire a registered Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor.

General Appliance Safety

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Fuel burning equipment such as furnaces, boilers, water heaters and fireplaces require adequate ventilation. All equipment must be vented to the outdoors. Nothing (such as boxes or walls) should block the indoor air supply.

Keep the area around your appliances clear. Keep any items at least 24” away from your natural gas appliances.

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Stoves and ovens

Burner flames that are yellow rather than blue could mean a build-up of carbon monoxide. Shut off your stove and call your heating contractor.
Never use your stove or oven to heat a room.
Keep your stove's burners and oven clean.
Don't line your oven with aluminum foil to catch spills – it could block an air vent or interfere with heat circulation. Instead, put a cookie sheet underneath the baking dish.


Clothes dryers

Natural gas clothes dryers must be vented outdoors.
The vent must be installed at least three feet away from the side of your gas meter or 15 feet above the meter.
The vent shouldn't be held together with screws – lint can build up on the screws, creating a dangerous blockage.
Lint can build up inside your dryer's exhaust vent, even if you clean the internal lint filter. Twice a year, clean out the outside of your dryer's exhaust vent.

A Natural Gas Fireplace

A natural gas fireplace is a wonderful way to make any room feel warm and special. But it’s also important for you and your family to follow these procedures to stay safe.

Review the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and use.

Be careful around the outside of your fireplace – the glass window and ceramic surfaces stay hot after the fireplace has been turned off.

Never leave children unattended near your fireplace • Use a screen or barrier to keep children from touching the glass.

Don't put flammable materials near your fireplace • If the pilot light or flame goes out, follow the manufacturer's instructions for relighting.

Make sure your fireplace is completely turned off when it's not being used.

Make sure your fireplace is cool before cleaning the glass – wiping hot glass with a damp cloth can crack the glass.

Never use a fireplace with cracked glass until it's been inspected or replaced by a registered heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor.

Ensure that your chimney is operating safely.

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Check your Smoke Detector batteries annually.