Your Natural Gas Provider in the Peace Country


Gas line repairs in the Peace Country

Gas Line Repairs

Trenching in the Peace Country

Electrofusion Welding
Poly pipe welding
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Trenching Services

Gas line - Waterline & Underground Power

Gas Service installations

Domestic Gas Service

Urban Gas Service

Note: Be sure to act early and have your gas service installed during summer months. Birch Hills Gas Co-op does not do winter installations.
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Gas Meters

Birch Hills Gas can install Automatic Meter Readers

Electrofusion Welding Services

Electrofusion welding

Ask us about Poly pipe repairs & joining

Electrofusion is a method of joining MDPe, HDPE and other plastic pipes using special fittings that have built-in electric heating elements which are used to weld the joint together.

Area of Service

Our area of service and natural gas provision is roughly within the Birch Hills County. Click Here for PDF boundary map.

We do extend partly into MD 133 and as far as Woking in Saddle Hills County.

The communities of Woking and Eaglesham are excluded from our area but serviced by Atco Gas.

Boundary lines run roughly along the Peace River to the North, Smoky River to the East and the Burnt River to the West. The Southern boundary lies along the Birch Hills range.

Please call 780-694-3868 for details.